Discoverie Deck Playing Cards

In 1584 magic was changed forever by one man and one book. Reginald Scot published The Discoverie of Witchcraft, one of the first magic books ever written in the English language. Discoverie showed a superstitious public that magicians were not witches, but entertainers with clever effects and methods. We commemorate this historic moment in history with a deck befitting the Discoverie legacy.


The Discoverie Deck is designed in the style of a rare, first-edition Disoverie of Witchcraft. Intricate woodcuts from the book are featured on the faces of the cards, and the Aces are adorned with a passage from the book, written in an elegant calligraphic style of the day. The tuck case acts as "covers" to protect the "pages" of cards within. The Discoverie Deck is printed on premium-grade USPCC stock.


Without Discoverie, the world of magic would be a very different place. Help us celebrate the enormous impact of this little-known volume with this historic deck of cards. It is the first and only pack of cards ever produced by Vanishing Inc. Magic (in conjunction with the sexy lovelies at Bigblindmedia), and has been printed in a very limited edition.

Sam Hayles

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Discoverie Deck Playing Cards
Discoverie Deck Playing Cards
Discoverie Deck Playing Cards