52 Pieces Of Paper by Idan Kaufman

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52 Pieces of Paper is an exciting collection of truly elegant card magic. Five versatile.and impressive moves. Five stylish productions. And five visual and exciting routines.

Israeli card man Idan Kaufman (pronounced ‘He-Done’, not ‘I-Dan’) is a rare talent. Despite his relative youth he has a maturity of vision that is quite frankly shocking. With a penchant for stylish and deliberate legerdemain, he imbues his material with a debonair flourish that will entrance and amaze your audiences.

Learn five of his wonderful moves, from the outrageous ‘2nd Card Top Palm’ to the startlingly visual card gymnastics of ‘POPeye’. Then master five four ace productions, including the utterly wonderful ‘Rubberband Production’. And finally delve into five fully formed routines that will shellshock your spectators and cement YOUR reputation as a master magician.

52 Pieces Of Paper features:



Aces To Kings



Change Them All



Sandwich Change


2nd Card Top Palm

Circle Palm



The Rubberband

The Table

The Faro

The Riffle

The Overhand


Plus learn the One Hand Top Palm and the Multiple Card Top Palm

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52 Pieces Of Paper by Idan Kaufman
52 Pieces Of Paper by Idan Kaufman