19th Apr 2017

“I HATE YOUR TRAILER!”… so said one urbane wit after watched our ‘Gafftacular’ trailer on Youtube. It’s not the first time we have fielded such a complaint. In fact, it is a refrain we hear with worrying regularity nowadays. Other gems include - 'You...
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1st May 2016

All of us at Bigblindmedia are just a little obsessed with self-working card magic. The motivation's are probably different for each of us, but the over-riding interest is clear. For me the main draw is what I call the 'drunk factor'. Could I perform...
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Do you only do cards?

21st Sep 2015

From a magicians point of view, performing a large array of card tricks that you can do with a regular deck makes a lot of sense.  It's convenient to be able to carry one small item, and being able to perform a surprisingly wide scope of tricks,...
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Five killer tricks with a regular pack of cards!

8th Sep 2015

If you are anything like me, you probably carry a deck of cards around with you quite a lot! I often practice card moves while walking, on public transport, or while waiting for food I've ordered, etc.This means that I get a lot of practice without...
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10th Aug 2015

So, WOW!After the first night on the stand at Magic Live, we are beat!  Thanks to everyone who came over to say hi, it was great to meet you all, and we were really blown away by just how much support we get from you guys!  We got so many c...
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Magic LIVE!

9th Aug 2015

Hello there BigBlindMedia faithful!Just a quick little note thing to say that if you are in Vegas for the Magic Live convention, get yourselves over to our stand tonight!  We've got sneak previews of future releases, rare decks and SUPER DEALS!B...
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