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Do you only do cards?

From a magicians point of view, performing a large array of card tricks that you can do with a regular deck makes a lot of sense.  It's convenient to be able to carry one small item, and being able to perform a surprisingly wide scope of tricks, effects and plots.

However, if you perform a set of card tricks, it's only going to be a matter of time before someone says 'Do you only do card tricks?'

In my experience, this is often asked just as a kind of conversation starter - it doesn't mean that your spectators are tired or unappreciative of the card routines you are doing.  But, as with all of these things, as a magician you want to be able to answer in the correct way.  Saying 'Yeah, I only do cards' sounds almost apologetic, and reveals what could easily be interpreted as a 'weakness' in our set.

So, it's important from a personal and professional angle to be able to say 'Actually, I can do magic with pretty much anything.  Let me show you...'

The spectators impression of you is greatly enhanced, the non-card trick you head into suddenly looks 'off the cuff' and impromptu (which MASSIVELY boosts the effectiveness of any trick - especially one you've prepared for) and you've added something important to your show - 'Texture'.

So now, it's just a case of finding some non-card tricks that you'd like to add to your set.  There's a lot of classics that I'd strongly recommend - Pen Through Note, Crazy Man's Handcuffs, Coin Unique etc.

I've also set up a new section on the site with some handpicked non-card material, which you can check out by CLICKING HERE!

And for a limited time, get 20% off everything there with the code CARDLESS.