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Five killer tricks with a regular pack of cards!

If you are anything like me, you probably carry a deck of cards around with you quite a lot! I often practice card moves while walking, on public transport, or while waiting for food I've ordered, etc.

This means that I get a lot of practice without having to put dedicated time aside (although I often do that as well, so I get double!) and also means I get to perform tricks in all kind of social settings, as a lot of people who see you with cards will ask if you are a magician, and their second question is always 'Can you show me something?'

The problem is though that it is very easy to 'freeze up' and forget tricks, and of course if you've been practicing, then your deck is probably shuffled, and may even be incomplete.

So, I thought I'd give you guys a little list of tricks that I frequently use from a shuffled deck when I'm caught out.

1. David Solomon's Finger Print Trick

The Finger Print Trick is a classic, but Dave Solomon's handling is THE GOODS. It's simple, direct and clean, and has that lovely unexpected finish. It appeared on his ESSENTIAL 'Card Solutions of Solomon' DVD set, but also on the FREE Big Blind Media 'DVD of AWESOME!' download. For casual performances, this takes some beating!

2. John Bannon's 'Fat City Revisited'.

In truth, I probably do as many John Bannon tricks as John Bannon does, but I particularly love this sandwich routine from the Bullet Party DVD set. It's three phases, so it's more of a routine which is nice, and it has a backfire ending that nobody sees coming. A chosen card appears between the Jokers in a VERY clean fashion, then you reveal the card without looking at it, then you repeat the trick, but instead of the selection being caught between the Jokers, they instead sandwich the ENTIRE DECK, leaving just the selection! Some basic card handling is required, but this is sneaky, easy and efficient. Typical John Bannon!

3. Cameron Francis's 'Sly Cheese'

Taken from 'Ultimate Impromptu Card Magic' (which is a KILLER resource for borrowed shuffled deck material), Sly Cheese is another backfire style trick, where a selection is supposed to appear between the Aces, but instead, the Aces and the chosen card transpose unexpectedly! It works great, and can easily be built into a routine and combined with Twisting the Aces, or Daley's Last Trick, or any other Ace routine. It's a keeper!

4. Larry Jennings - 'Pre-prefiguration'

This is a total self worker, and anything that starts off with a shuffled deck and ends up unexpectedly producing a four of a kind makes a really great impression, and people think you must have some serious sleight of hand skills, which is ironic, as you literally don't need ANY! Taken from the Ultimate Self Working Card Tricks Volume 1 (currently on sale!), it was a toss up between this and 'Impossible' by Mike Austin, which is another self-worker, but as I tend to use that to fool magicians, I went with Pre-prefiguration.

5. Keniyasu Fujiwara - Automatic Ace Triumph

From the upcoming 'Awesome Self Working Card Tricks' DVD, this is another trick that I really enjoy. Most self working tricks tend to be predictions or card locations, but this is an automatic 'Triumph' style routine, where the Aces are mixed with some indifferent cards, and everything is mixed face up and face down. Right at the end, you spread through, and somehow (and this will surprise you as the magician just as much as the spectator!) all the cards are face down except for the four Aces! It makes a great lead in to other four Ace tricks (Sly Cheese, anyone?) and again, being self working, means you can just enjoy the ride with this one!

So there you are! Most of you guys will have at least one of these DVDs, so hopefully it will give you something to check out and enjoy!

What tricks have I missed out? What tricks would you do with a regular shuffled deck? Drop us a line at info@bigblindmedia.com or better still, post on our Facebook :D

Until next time...