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Sublime Self Working Card Tricks - Just what is that all about then?

Hello People of Earth,

So, we recently unleashed a full collection of self working card tricks from John Carey. Entitled 'Sublime Self Working Card Tricks' (see what we did there), it was designed to arm you with really powerful routines that were simple to do, but didn't SEEM that way. I'm aware that with these multi trick releases you don't always get a sense of what each routine is like (usually just the ones featured on the trailers or taster videos), so I asked John to write a blog post about the project and what you can expect to find in it. Soooooooo - here he is... :)

'Hi Guys! John Carey here!

So I was relaxing on a beach in Malaga when Owen, the beard, Packard used his Jedi mind powers on me yet again to write and talk about our latest release, sublime self working card tricks. Firstly let me state filming the project and working with BBM has been an absolute pleasure!

On the DVD 10 effects are performed, taught and discussed. All of them are self working or semi automatic in nature and every one is powerful and practical.

The effects:

1. Opening Time. I get so much pleasure performing this open prediction. Super simple and it allows you to really connect with the spectator. The little ruse used to bring the trick home should be outlawed!

2. Think as I think. For many years I've loved the do as I do effect with 2 decks. There are many methods out there. But when I hit on a method for doing this with a thought of card I was so excited I nearly hyperventilated with joy! It's bold but really strong and the concept can be used in many tricks.

3. One hand and One Card. I put this together after hearing on the grapevine that the legendary Max Maven was seen doing this kind of effect in Europe many years ago. I went through many methods until I settled on the one taught on the DVD. You can play this big in a parlour situation as well as close up.

4. Yes you Caan! Possibly my favorite effect of the collection. You don't even need a deck of cards to perform it! Just carry the card in your wallet and you can pull this miracle out anytime, any place and anywhere!

5. Scattered is all out fun using wordplay and Equivoque. The revelations of the 4 cards in 4 different locations is a buzz for me and not just the audience!

6. A la Goldman is my other take on do as I do on the DVD. Utilizing a great Bill Goldman concept, you will really fry people with this. Just put your own personality into like all this material and you will have a crowd pleaser.

7. Dice CAAN uses the old dice force but using 3 dice really hides that well. Also the use of the dice really adds something to the presentation. Give it a whirl!

8. Sync is truly a personal favourite. I have about 8 methods for this effect, this current one being one of the strongest. Anything using a thought of card plays so strong with the public. You will get a lot of fun using this.

9. Make believe is a coin effect?!? But a very good one I believe. I love using imagination game presentations in my work. I think you will enjoy using this.

10. Redford Unplugged is my variant handling of an effect by my super talented friend, Patrick Redford. You get to use 3 spectators and create the illusion of reading their minds. Burn witch burn!

I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into the project. Pick out 2 or 3 of the effects you like and get out there and blow people away!

Over n out!

John Carey'

Hope you enjoyed that read through of just what is featured on John's new DVD and Instant Download set. If it's tickled your fancy you can read more and ORDER right HERE!

Nice one,