When you buy your downloads from Bigblindmedia your purchases are stored in your own personal online, secure library. You can stream or download them from any web connected device (so even your Ipad when you're on holiday!), and the files remain in the library for ever!

PLEASE NOTE - when you buy your first download you will be sent an email with your login name and password. THIS IS DIFFERENT TO YOUR BBM WEBSTORE LOGIN.

To enjoy your downloads you simply visit - https://www.bigblindmedia.com/your-downloads/

Then you enter your login name (the email address you used when purchasing the download) and enter the password you were given.

This will take you to a page with all of your purchased downloads listed. When you click on one, it will open in a streaming player on your device.

You can watch it like this OR if you want to download the file simply click the link at the bottom right corner of the video player (DOWNLOAD VIDEO TO YOUR COMPUTER).

The system will then generate you a bespoke copy of the video (with your name added). You will recieve an email a minute or two later giving you download instructions!